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Aircraft recovery systems that cover all types of aircraft and incidents

Our Role in Providing Aircraft Recovery Equipment

Our team advises airports, airlines and military air forces on the equipment most relevant to their needs. We provide a wide range of recovery systems for airports, airlines, and military air forces so they can remove aircrafts safely, efficiently and effectively eliminating and secondary damage during transit. 

These include: 

Aircraft Lifting Equipment

Our aircraft lifting equipment has been designed to quickly and efficiently lift aircrafts without causing secondary damage and minimising any delays. We work with leading designers to enhance aircraft lifting solutions for the growing needs of the industry. These systems are divided into: 

Pneumatic Airbag Systems

  • Aircraft Lifting Airbags

We provide aircraft lifting airbags that have passed independent physical and environmental testing to MIL STD 810 and have a life expectancy of at least 20 years. The lift capacity of the aircraft lifting airbags we supply range from 10 to 40 tonnes.

  • Airbag Inflation Console

Airbag inflation centralised air control module and single control console systems both allow a single operator to control the inflation of airbags which makes the operation safer, easier and faster.

Mechanical systems

  • Fuselage Lifting Systems

The fuselage lifting systems (FLS) we offer are designed to lift small to larger aircraft with a fixed pitch sling system that prevents sling misalignment on fuselage frames and a patented lifting sling attachment mechanism that distributes the load evenly on each sling. FLS systems are typically made from steel and any damage during use can be easily identified, making the FLS system cost-effective, easy to maintain and certify.

Aircraft Moving Equipment

Aircraft movement equipment is absolutely vital in airbase operations, and the right combination of equipment can minimise delays and protect the safety of both the aircraft recovery personnel and passengers. These are categorised into: 

  • Sledge Systems

When it comes to moving aircrafts, crucial equipment to recover aircrafts from soft or uneven surfaces are sledge systems. Sledge systems are easy to assemble, maintain, and can be assembled on-site without special tools. Sledge systems work on a wide range of terrains and significantly decrease the risk of further damage. 

  • Transporter Systems

Transporter systems are used in the rapid removal of disabled aircrafts from a wide range of incident sites. When paired with turntable systems they provide greater flexibility of movement in challenging spaces. These systems can lift up to 40 tonnes and have a capacity for 360-degree rotation. 

  • Turntable Systems

Turntable systems are designed to recover aircrafts suffering nose gear failure. These systems have a wide range of capacity (from 15 to 50 tonnes), multiple swivel eye locations and fitting points, and can be used to secure positions for webbing straps.

  • De-bogging Kits

We also provide de-bogging kits that can be used to retrieve aircraft from areas where conventional tow tractors cannot access. Their capacity ranges from 20 to 70 tonnes. In order to move aircraft stranded on a soft ground, we offer two synthetic ground panels that form a lightweight, strong roadway with a load capacity of 350 tonnes per m². 

  • Load Indication Devices

We offer a range of load indication devices that are radio license-free with a range of up to 100m as standard or 300m with the optional aerial and incorporates an LCD display.

Aircraft Recovery Rapid Response Kits 

The rapid response systems we offer are engineered to suit most airport operations and financial budgets in order to ensure the smooth running of airports. These systems cover most narrow and wide-bodied aircraft types and come with full personnel training. We also provide tethering equipment that meets the requirements of the Aircraft Recovery Manual and that has been field-tested.


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