Building fire and rescue, and security training centres, providing training and specialist equipment for emergency services around the world

Value engineered fire training facilities, training and specialist equipment for fire and rescue services


Value engineered designs and state-of-the-art simulators for cost optimised projects, our designs have proven to save on infrastructure costs.


User-centric approach combines different live fire simulators to maximise training value and build versatile training environments to serve several applications. 3D designs and collaborative VR design processes enable customers and stakeholders save time and money by bringing their designs to life and collaborating in real-time.


Specialised training courses and unique equipment designed to complement users’ training journey and enhance their training experience.

Our Role in Fire and Security

Our services for the fire sector encompass the complete training journey for firefighting, security, and rescue services where we design the training facilities and academies, provide specialist training, and supply the equipment required in daily operations.

Discover what makes the difference and how Structurus can help you increase your return on investment by employing the latest methodologies to build your firefighter training facility, deliver your training session, or supply the tools to enhance your team’s competencies.

Fire and Rescue Training Facilities

Our engineering and design team are ready to help. For all mechanical and electrical disciplines, Structurus has the experience and capability to design and build your fire and rescue training academy.

Fire and Rescue Training

Our fire and rescue service experts provide the specialist fire training courses your team needs to maintain their training capabilities. We offer a wide range of training courses specifically tailored for fire and rescue service professionals by using tabletop exercises as well as live fire simulators, training academies and new technologies including VR.

Specialist Fire and Rescue Training Equipment

We provide the specialist training equipment required for the successful completion of fire and rescue training sessions. These include rescue tools, live-fire simulators, disaster monitoring tools, and specialist training equipment.

Our Clients

Emirates Civil Defence Academy
Abu Dhabi Police
Dubai Civil Defense
Carillion Alawi
Petroleum Development Oman

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