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Specialist equipment for fire and rescue, and emergency services to support their training exercises and firefighting operations


We supply unique equipment for the fire industry such as rescue tools, hazard monitoring systems and special training equipment.

Special Training Equipment

Damage Control Simulators

Damage control simulators can be used to train naval or maritime staff on realistic damage control scenarios in environments such as ships, tankers, and submarines. Our highly reliable simulators are designed to increase the efficiency of training and allow versatile scenario creation. They cover a broad range of different damage-control trainings, including, but not limited to:

  •  Low and high-pressure damage
  • Wedge and plug application trainings
  • Basic fire trainer
  • Submarine fire trainer
  • Helicopter fire trainer 
  • Advanced ship fire trainer
  • Damaged pipe/flange flooding control trainings
  • Patching application trainings
  • Unclosed damaged hatch sealing trainings
  • Emergency power cable laying trainings
  • Smoke exhaust techniques trainings
  • Dewatering trainings with: educator, ejector, diesel pump 

Training sessions are monitored with user-friendly, centralised control systems that can be used in: scenario creation and execution, monitoring status, power and communication, checking the functionality of valves and motors, and creating trend graphs.

Special Training Equipment

Rollover Bus Simulator

The special training bus can be used to train drivers, fire service professionals, and the public on correct evacuation, fire safety and first-aid responses in case of rollover accidents. The training bus simulator is a unique and innovative training equipment that allows users to experience difficult evacuation conditions. The training bus can turn completely on its side, simulating a rollover accident scenario. It also contains a fire training function for accidents resulting in fires inside the vehicle.

Features include:

  • Tailor-made mass-casualty incident (MCI) plans and scenarios 
  • Smoke generator
  • Post-accident visual and sound simulator
  • Depolluted vehicle
  • Video cameras inside and outside the vehicle that can be used for debriefing.


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