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Bring your vision to life today with our virtual reality experience platform

Highly realistic and interactive virtual reality environments to design your training facility, product, and training session environment

Collaborative designs in real time

We use virtual reality to help stakeholders, key decision-makers, senior management, and end-users easily envisage the end product in a realistic setting to save on project costs and development timelines.

Big ideas come to light

We build design concepts in virtual reality by using true dimensions. These concepts can then be tested and verified by end-users before any physical build is commissioned. This process has proven to eliminate errors and save on costs from an early stage.

Great storytelling, new perspectives

We use interactive mixed reality environments to validate how products excel and help users assess their relevance and how they will benefit by using them.

Agile design

Gain new perspectives by using our STRX-VR platform. No matter what you are designing STRX-VR helps you and your customers see added value from different perspectives. Walk through a training facility in virtual reality with your clients to verify it meets their training requirements, or validate concept designs with end-users before building the real thing.

Immersive training surroundings

We build unparalleled simulated environments and use mixed-reality learning to train industry professionals in all fire and rescue disciplines.

Human-centric Technology

Our Virtual Reality Experience (STRX-VR) is a highly interactive feature where people interact with products through our technology. By interacting with products in a virtual surrounding users are able to infinitely test and validate their technical solutions in a safe environment.


Our virtual reality (VR) experience involves leveraging new technologies such as interactive VR, augmented reality (AR), and computer-generated imaging (CGI) in several applications. We use these tools to create mixed reality learning courses, design training facilities, demonstrate new system or product concepts, create user journeys, and provide virtual reality training for fire and security, oil and gas, and aircraft recovery market sectors.

We use these skills in a highly cost-effective approach to:

• Aid the visualisation and design of training centres/training academies and fire stations

• Demonstrate new system and product concepts in virtual reality

• Create virtual reality user journeys (see and hear what trainees will experience)

• Develop mixed reality learning courses to train industry professionals

What is STRX-VR

Design, engineer, or train in virtual reality, allow your team to experience an environment before it exists, train them without being constrained by physical boundaries, and iterate across multiple teams before the product is even built. With Structurus’ STRX-VR development platform, real-time virtual 3D is now achievable.

Virtual Reality Facility Engineering and Design
Virtual Reality Facility Engineering and Design

Designing fire training facilities in virtual reality has proven to be a very popular approach with our clients. It enables them to virtually walk through the facility before it is even developed. They can then evaluate the different aspects of training and whether the facility satisfies the training needs it is designed to achieve. This is a very important and cost-effective step to validate designs and plans before execution.

VR Product Design
VR Product Design

Product design in virtual reality allows customers to differentiate their products from the competition and clearly demonstrate how these products function in a certain setting. By designing products in virtual reality, we give customers the flexibility to demonstrate its technical features clearly and quickly to their audience. This is a great tool for technical product seminars.

 Virtual Reality Training and Mixed Reality Learning
Virtual Reality Training and Mixed Reality Learning

Virtual reality training for firefighters and emergency services provides a safe environment to conduct their sessions. It uses surroundings that are built to simulate actual real buildings and environments where training can be done anytime and anywhere. The ability to walk through virtual settings and change scenarios on a “what if” basis has proven to be a valuable tool for our clients. Mixed reality learning scenarios are repeatable for all trainees which achieves uniformity in training level across the cohort.


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