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The new training experience from Structurus

Training for everyone. We have simplified fire and rescue, safety, and aircraft recovery training environments to make them easily accessible for all.

Training environment visualisation and design tool

Our software helps training academies and providers build and visualise training environments to deliver immersive training experiences to their trainees.

Affordable, replaces table-top

Full-scale exercises are expensive to put together while tabletop options are very limited. STRX platform combines the best of both worlds to create versatile settings with endless combinations of fire, rescue and hazmat scenarios.

Unlimited interactive training scene combinations

With STRX, users are not limited to expensive repetitive scenarios. Multiple and different combinations can be put together using the continuously updated database.

Single or multi-user applications, collaborative content

STRX can be used to deliver training in a single location, or multiple users can use the software at the same time to collaborate on the same training session from different locations or even countries. Users can ask for specific scenarios and the database will be updated for all other subscribers.

Great for Pre-incident planning and small fire stations

STRX is a great tool for companies working in high hazard environments to simulate hazardous conditions in a safe setting before conducting the real physical training. This results in better understanding of the risks involved and an overall better training experience.

Includes design elements and data sheet generator

Not only STRX can be used for training, but also it can be used to design fire and rescue training grounds with basic specifications generation as part of package. PRO Plus users are able to download datasheets for every scenario which can be used in the construction of their training centres.

About STRX

Training academies, fire and rescue services, oil & gas companies, and businesses working in high-risk environments that deliver training to their own staff on commercial basis currently have access to conventional tools. These include options such as tabletop exercises where members meet in an informal classroom setting to discuss roles and responsibilities during an emergency and form responses to a particular situation using basic and limited resources, or computer-based training aids such as PowerPoint presentations with images and videos.

At the other end of the spectrum, exercise drills can be conducted using expensive command and control software which costs tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

STRX lies in the middle between these two options as an affordable alternative; it is a modular cost-effective solution to build interactive fire training sessions. Based on a yearly subscription model, users access a huge number of props, training scenarios, and environments in which they walkthrough and interact with the surroundings creating an immersive experience for instructors and trainees.

What’s more, we have even included aircraft recovery incident scenarios to give ARFF (aircraft rescue and firefighting) clients additional training versatility. Subscribers are also able to change weather effects, use different points of view, and admin/user screens for multiple role-playing. Content is collaborative across users and different users can login into the same training session from remote locations.

With STRX, creating interactive training environments is simple.

How Our Fire Training Software and Design Platform Works






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Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between subscriptions is mainly in the features offered, the Basic subscription has the lowest set of features and is limited in the number of props, scenarios, and number of users. The Pro subscription has the widest range of scenarios, props, as well as the number of users that can collaborate online. The details of features for every subscription can be found in the plans and pricing section of our website. 

You can upgrade at any time by using the upgrade buttons at the bottom of the plans and pricing section of our website.

For Basic it is 1 user only, for Premium it is 5 users including online collaboration, for Pro and Pro Plus Design it is 10 users. 

We offer payment via Stripe, which allows credit card and debit card payments, digital wallet payment transfers, bank debits and direct debit payments.

You may cancel your subscription during the first 14 days of your purchase either through your account settings page or by contacting us. For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, please read the Disclaimer on the footer below.

Please contact us at for any further information and changes you require.

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STRX: Interactive training environments for all

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