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Enhancing aviation’s Aircraft Recovery technical knowledge and awareness

Providing the first online subscription database for aircraft recovery equipment, deployment process, and 3D visuals

Comprehensive database with hundreds of incidents and scenarios

Our database currently includes 300+ aircraft and incident combinations ranging from the least likely to the most likely scenarios based on our knowledge and industry statistics.

Airbus and Boeing applications

Our first release includes all Airbus and Boeing aircrafts, we will be constantly updating our database with more regional airplanes as well as military applications.

Great for airports and airlines’ aircraft recovery teams

ARX is the perfect tool for aircraft recovery managers, it automates information finding processes to ensure data is vested in systems and not in individuals who could be out of station at the time of the incident. This approach also ensures data is retrievable by authorised personnel only.

Easy and quick to use with fast results

Subscribers are prompted to choose aircraft type which will generate the operational empty weight (OEW) of each airplane, they will then choose the incident type from our large database of incidents and scenarios. The software generates a list of recommended equipment to perform the recovery operation for the combination the user chooses.

Step by step guidance

Our future release incorporates a step by step guidance on how to use the desired equipment and procedures to be followed. (Premium/Pro subscriptions)

3D video tutorials per scenario

We are working hard in the background to create 3D visuals to support airports and airlines with easy to use visual tutorials for each and every incident and scenario to make training easier and an improved preparedness. (Pro only)

About ARX

In our various discussions with clients and end-users we noticed a prevailing trend of lack of knowledge in aircraft recovery and continued reliance on OEM’s for technical advice. Another fact we observed was that information was highly fragmented and aircraft recovery manuals are information-heavy and difficult to access quickly.

We set about changing that to put technical information and knowledge in the hands of airports and airlines’ recovery teams and make it easily accessible.

With ARX, our aircraft recovery experience, we aim to automate accessibility to high quality technical information to help airlines and airports find the data they need in case of an emergency and minimise downtime and runway closure times. For training airport and airline recovery teams, ARX is a great tool to improve awareness, maintain competencies, and ensure information is centralised in an easily accessible database at all times,this will result in a positive impact on business continuity and enhance airports’ resilience.

Try our ARX software for free.

How Our Aircraft Recovery Experience ARX Works





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Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between subscriptions is mainly in the features offered, the Basic subscription offers detail on equipment only, whereas Premium offers detailed step by step guidance on equipment usage, and Pro subscription offers all of this as well as video tutorials for every incident. The details of features for every subscription can be found in the plans and pricing section of our website.

You can upgrade at any time by using the upgrade buttons at the bottom of the plans and pricing section of our website.

1 user licence per subscription only.

We offer 2 types of billing; one method is monthly payments and another method is prepaid annual subscription.

We offer payment via Stripe, which allows credit card and debit card payments, digital wallet payment transfers, bank debits and direct debit payments.

You may cancel your subscription during the first 14 days of your purchase either through your account settings page or by contacting us. For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, please read the Disclaimer on the footer below.

Please contact us at for any further information and changes you require.

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