ECDA Training Facility Design and Project Management

Project Overview

Our remit as the selected Project Management Company, included sole responsibility for producing the Academy Masterplan, and developing this for submission to the end-user: Dubai Civil Defence.

The project eventually comprised 10 independent training zones and support facilities:

  • Structural Fire Training Zone
  • Maritime Fire Training Zone
  • Petrol Station Training Zone
  • Oil & Gas Training Zone
  • Hazmat Training Zone
  • CFBT Training Zone
  • Hazmat Incident Highway
  • Disaster Rescue Zone
  • Trench Rescue Zone
  • Carbonaceous Training Zone

In addition, a complete SCBA Training Facility with a training gallery, workshop, and support infrastructure was designed.

Structurus utilised the existing training pads, maximised the training areas (by taking available space into consideration) and aligned these factors with the requirements of the fire training crews (and equipment to be used while training).

Every prop was designed to support the courses it would serve and according to the needs of the client (taking into consideration the commercial aspect of the courses from a cost-benefit standpoint).

The design of the academy was benchmarked to align with world-leading fire training academies, such as The Fire Service College at Moreton-in-Marsh (UK) and the FDNY Training Academy at Randalls-Wards Island (USA).

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