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Train like it is real and enhance your preparedness

Professional Training in VR for Fire and Security, Oil and Gas and Aviation Emergency Services

Our use of technology covers several sectors and applications including fire and security products, aircraft recovery, and oil & gas fire protection. These technologies are also used to train industry professionals on how to use, operate and maintain these systems to provide ongoing benefits for clients and their personnel.

Our team of subject matter experts works with fire training providers, fire brigades, training academies, and industry professionals to develop real life training scenarios in VR, AR, and XR. We have the in-depth knowledge of these evolutions and we understand the technical requirements of such features. We design these courses in partnership with our clients to deliver unparalleled environments in which they can conduct their training sessions effortlessly and safely.

Whether it is a structural firefighting course, maritime training environment, or an aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) training course, you can count on Structurus to design your next training session using VRX.


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