Turbinator VR Design

Project Overview

Structurus utilizes new technologies such as VR, AR and Mixed Reality (XR) to help companies like Knowsley explain their systems better and make sure that end-users understand the product setup, its components, and how it is installed in a typical environment. 

Utilizing Interactive Virtual Reality, Structurus created a simulated environment where users use slider bars to rotate and explode the Turbinator into its components. Pressing a button takes users into a typical environment where the Turbinator is installed and in operation, with an iPad in one hand users can press buttons, open valves, choose icons from the iPad main menu to see the flow rates and speeds the Turbinator can accommodate easily while changing applications. 

Moreover, Structurus created a “toggle transparent” button which enables users to see the gears inside the unit in action and how they mix foam and water together. This interactive feature has proven to be a huge success and enabled Knowsley to showcase its product in an impressive approach.

The Turbinator is a water driven foam proportioner designed to accurately mix extinguishing foam concentrate with freshwater or seawater. The Turbinator is available with capacities to suit most applications and can be used in fixed systems or as a mobile unit such as fire trucks, trailers and hand-portable use.

The Turbinator consists of two main parts: a water driven engine and a foam concentrate pump. The unique design of the Turbinator makes the device self-priming. The foam pump develops a strong suction lift, resulting in a reliable and uninterrupted supply of extinguishing foam concentrate.

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