CFI VR Design

Project Overview

Structurus utilizes new technologies such as VR, AR, and Mixed Reality (XR) to help companies like Saval explain their products’ unique selling points better and make sure that end-users understand the product setup, its components, and how it is installed in a typical environment. 

Utilizing VR, Structurus simulated a storage tank environment equipped with CF3I system and a traditional foam system, this was based on a real project recently completed by Saval in Korea. The VR feature included 2 simulations, a CF3I system simulation, and a foam system simulation with time-lapse comparison showing the fast action of CF3I. 

Users can change multiple settings and configurations during the application such as:

  • Initiating the different fire sequences
  • Lowering the roof
  • Changing weather conditions to rainy or sandstorm
  • Putting labels on/off
  • Having different zoomed views of the storage tank

The aim of the project was to explain to customers clearly the CF3I system build up during technical presentations, trade shows, as well as training sessions.

The feature has proved to be a valuable asset for Saval and has been used all over the world in many shows such as Tank Storage Singapore and ADIPEC Abu Dhabi.

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