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Training fire and rescue services with engaging training sessions to maintain their capabilities and preparedness.

Training Firefighters and Security Professionals 

We provide the following fire and rescue training courses at clients’ training centres: 

Life, Fire & Safety Training Level 1

The Life, Fire & Safety level 1 course is designed to teach students to take part in fire inspections and enforce local and other international fire and life safety codes. Students will gain the ability to write inspection reports, coordinate and book inspections, and gain the ability to recognise hazards within various types of buildings. They will also be introduced to various types of fire suppression and detection systems, and building construction. 

Recurring Live Fire Training

The five-day Recurring Live Fire Training is designed for firefighting teams who wish to hone their skills in structural firefighting. The course will incorporate a breathing apparatus refresher course, a Compartment Fire Behaviour Training (CFBT) level 3 refresher course and live fire training within a structure that includes extinguishing fires and rescue of trapped people. This course can be shortened to three or four days to fit individual fire teams’ schedules. 

Structural Firefighting Training

This intense training will take the learner who has no firefighting understanding or experience through the knowledge and skills required to become an active member of a structural firefighting team. The course is 16 weeks in length and is heavily reliant on practical training with only 30% theoretical training The course is instructed in accordance with the standards laid out in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001 level 1 and 2. The course also includes the knowledge and skills required to respond to hazardous material spill at the operations level in accordance with the standards laid-out in NFPA 472. 

Marine Fire Training for Land-Based Firefighters

Cities that have ports or marinas within their boundaries will encounter small marine craft and or large marine vessel fires. Even though the responsibility of extinguishing these fires rests with the crew of the vessel, land-based firefighters are often tasked with rendering assistance. This course is designed to instil knowledge and skills related to marine firefighting onto fire officers and firefighters that are required to respond to a small craft or large vessel fire but are not required to be trained as marine firefighters. 

Fire Behaviour Training CFBT Level 3

This two-day extremely intense practical course will take trained fire officers, firefighters and/or ERT members through a series of drills and demonstrations that will help them hone their knowledge and skills in: door entry procedures, principles of combustion, techniques involved in extinguishing and cooling to control conditions in compartment fires, the ability to read fire compartment condition, and most importantly, keep themselves and team members safe in a structure fire. 

Virtual Reality (VR) based Training

Virtual Reality (VR) based Training is a great alternative or addition to live training as it gives users the ability to participate in scenarios that are too complex or expensive to take part in real life. It also grants trainers the ability to teach techniques to one or multiple students without the expense or time required to re-set scenarios time and time again. We have the expertise and ability to design holistic training sessions, and build realistic environments. 


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