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Advising oil companies on the best fire protection practices and solutions through the use and installation of first line of attack systems.

Our Role in Protecting Against Storage Tank Fires

We provide innovative fire protection solutions to storage terminals that help mitigate any risks of fire. Our main areas of operations cover fire protection systems and training on handling rim seal fires in floating roof tanks.

We promote, develop, and sell Saval's CFI Fire Protection system. This fire protection system combines a fire detection and rapid extinguishing system at the rim seal area. These pre-engineered sections and CF3I gas cylinders are intrinsically safe for Zone 0 applications (area with explosion hazards). In the event of a fire, the heat generated causes detectors/sprayers to open, delivering the extinguishing agent directly into the fire area as a local application; the system operates so rapidly that the fire is extinguished in seconds. Importantly, the CF3I gas leaves no particulates that may damage equipment and requires no cleaning up after a release. It has the shortest atmospheric lifetime of all chemical extinguishing agents mentioned in NFPA 2001 and also a low global warming potential and ozone depleting factor, making it an environment-friendly fire protection system. Trigger alarms can be processed with a dedicated alarm system; the unique graphic user interface provides a clear overview of the system status. The alarm panel has a wide range of software interface options available for interconnection with other fire alarm systems and supervision systems.

How CFI Fire Protection System Eliminates Risk in The Rim-Seal Area in Seconds


Fast acting sprayer/detectors combine fire detection and extinguishment in one system, they are spaced at 2 m intervals above the rim seal area and connected together with high-quality stainless-steel pipes. Each section is connected to one CF3I gas cylinder that protects forty metres of tank circumference 24/7.


CF3I gas (Trifluoroiodomethane) is an environmentally friendly gaseous extinguishing agent stored in a high-quality container that is placed on top of the floating roof. Every container is equipped with a level switch and a pressure switch that are utilised to send a fire alarm signal in case of a system discharge.


The CFI system is modular in nature and is a purely mechanical system that does not require an external power source to extinguish the fire. The signalling system is an intrinsically safe circuit used to send the alarm or fire signals back to the alarm panels to alert the fire brigade or operators. 


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