Date : Oct 15,2020 Category : industry news
Rim seal fire under the rolling ladder proves difficult to extinguish

In December 2018, a rim seal fire started at 00:15 (during the night shift) in one of the crude oil storage tanks in Egypt. The cause of the fire was deemed to be a lightning strike and a faulty old seal. Tanks had no detection, or first attack systems installed. 

The resulting rim seal fire kept burning for 3 days, upon further investigation it was found that rim seal fire started under the rolling ladder. Fortunately, the rim seal fire did not evolve into a full surface tank fire and the fire crews were able to control the fire after 3 days.

The key takeaways from the rim seal fire incident: 

  • Fire under the rolling ladder prevented the fire crew from a direct approach, it took the fire brigades a long time to control the fire (3 days) 
  • Severe losses to property and assets, an intervention was required by several oil companies to bring the fire under control 
  • Massive amounts of foam and equipment was used to put out the fire -$$$.

Watch the footage of this incident below: 

Video credit: Alaa Eldin/Youtube

Video credit: Power News/Youtube

Read how the CFI rim-seal fire protection system could have prevented the fire in Egypt:

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