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Date : Jun 02,2024 Category : company news

We're thrilled to announce that Structurus has achieved ISO certification in Simulation Systems! This prestigious accreditation signifies our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional quality and cutting-edge technology within the simulation industry.

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Date : May 10,2024 Category : Global news

On Thursday morning, an explosion ripped through a pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) tank, resulting in one confirmed fatality and multiple injuries.

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Date : Apr 16,2024 Category : case studies

Firefighter education and training have undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, evolving from traditional drills to cutting-edge VR simulations. This evolution reflects a profound shift in how firefighters prepare for the challenges they face in the field.

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Date : Oct 29,2023 Category : company news

Structurus has officially set its footprint in Houston, Texas, at the heart of the oil and gas industry.

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Date : May 23,2023 Category : case studies

Discover how modern technology is revolutionizing the firefighting industry, increasing safety and effectiveness. From virtual reality training to robotic firefighters, explore the six innovative technologies that every fire department should embrace.

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