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Date : Nov 26,2021 Category : industry news

Scientists expect a rising number of tropical cyclones in some areas in Florida, Australia, and cities along the Persian Gulf in the next century. This raises concerns for a potential increase in lightning strike related fires in storage tanks.

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Date : Nov 08,2021 Category : industry news

A large fire broke out in the South of Lebanon at an oil facility in October 2021. The fuel tank was filled with benzene and it caught on fire early Monday morning. The fire took more than three hours to contain and extinguish.

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Date : Apr 18,2021 Category : industry news

Fire in Indonesia's biggest oil refinery shuts down operations, injures 5 people and forces almost a thousand nearby residents to evacuate

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Date : Nov 13,2020 Category : industry news case studies

Another recent example on the importance of first line of attack systems such as CFI to protect against rim seal fires.

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Date : Nov 13,2020 Category : company news

In our third STRX Trial Tutorial, we teach you how to use the model library to create custom training scenarios.

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