Date : Apr 18,2021 Category : industry news
Fire in Indonesia's biggest oil refinery shuts down operations, injures 5 people and forces almost a thousand nearby residents to evacuate

The fire started suddenly on the 29th of March, and according to reports, the culprit could have been a leak that was hit by lightning.

Local media reports said that the fire started just after midnight when there was heavy rain and lightning. The massive fire took days to take under control, 5 people were injured and about 950 nearby residents had to be evacuated.

When out of control, storage tank fires can be severely disruptive to business continuity and operations. They cause significant damage to assets and property. Costs to bring such fires under control can be astronomical, and the fire itself is life-threatening to locals as well as fire and rescue professionals.

We have recently witnessed a number of large storage tank fires globally as a clear evidence of how first line of attack systems such as CFI help mitigate such risks.

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Video credit: Youtube (DW)

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