Date : Nov 13,2020 Category : industry news case studies
Another recent example on the importance of first line of attack systems such as CFI to protect against rim seal fires.

The below incident was reported from Iraq yesterday where a lightning strike hit the tank causing a huge fire that took 6 hours to bring under control and massive amounts of foam to be used.

Video credit: YouTube (Al Mirbad)

The modular foam system in place didn’t work, which resulted in the fire growing. Firefighters connected the yellow dry riser with hoses for the foampourers but not enough foam came out of the pourers. They then climbed the spiral stair case, using handheld hoses and extinguished in about 6 hours using 20.000 litres of foam. 

These losses could have been avoided if a first line of attack system was installed to extinguish the incipient fire quickly.

For more information, read how Saval's first line of attack system CFI takes fires under control in a matter of seconds.

Three reasons why you should install a first line of attack system on floating roof storage tanks at or near airports and runways

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